For official sanctioning of a W.F.O. Championship contest, the following must be complied with:

  1. A written request for sanctioning must be delivered to the W.F.O. no less than 30 days prior to the date of the contest.
  2. Included with the request shall be the record of the proposed fighters, and copies of the contracts indicating the purse and designating that the fight shall be for the W.F.O. Title.
  3.  The payment of the sanction fees shall be made 15 days prior to the event in accordance with the W.F.O. sanction fee schedule used for all Title contests.

Any or all of the above may be waived by the W.F.O. at its sole and absolute discretion.  A waiver with regard to one contest shall not be deemed a waiver of such requirements for any subsequent contest.

Any Champion who enters into a non-title fight without consent of the W.F.O. or having received such consent loses a non-title fight shall be subject to losing his W.F.O. Title at the sole and absolute discretion of the W.F.O.

Any W.F.O. Champion who fights a World Champion of another sanctioning body or concurrently defends the World Title of another sanctioning body must comply with these regulations.  Without official sanctioning as required herein, the Champion shall lose his Title upon engaging in such non-sanctioned contest whether he wins or loses.

The Rules and Regulations governing World Championship Contests are expressly incorporated herein.  See Exhibit “A”.


This committee shall consist of five (5) members, which shall include the President of the W.F.O. and the Chairman, both Ex-Officio.

The other three (3) members shall be appointed by the President and Chairman of the World Fighting Organization.  Following their respective appointments, members of this committee shall serve until their successors have been appointed.


The Committee shall meet at the places and at such times as the Chairman of the Committee shall designate.  Three (3) members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and for a resolution of same it shall be sufficient for a majority vote to be passed by the members of the Committee present at the meeting.  In the event an important decision must be made and it is not possible to hold a meeting of the Committee, the Chairman of the Committee shall be empowered to request the vote of the members of the Committee by telephone, fax service or e-mail. In these events, the Chairman of the Committee shall recommend the approval or rejection if any measure, and if in the term of FIVE (5) days he does not receive the vote of any member of the Committee, the votes not stated of the Committee shall be understood as approving the recommendation of the Chairman.  For this voting of the Championships Committee to be effective, it must be by a majority of the voting cast with the whole Committee.  The Chairman of the Committee must send a report indicating the voting manner of the specific subject which originated same, to each of the members of said Committee.

World Championships shall be recognized in the following weight classes:

Light Heavyweight
Super Heavyweight

Not over  125  lbs
Not over   135  lbs
Not over   145  lbs
Not over   155  lbs
Not over   170  lbs
Not over   185  lbs
Not over   205  lbs
Not over   265  lbs
Above      265.1 lbs


Weight determines Championships and if a Champion shall fail to make the prescribed weight for his class at the official time of the weigh-in as hereinafter prescribed, his Title shall be forfeited on the scales.  See Rules and Regulations governing World Championship Contests for current weigh-in rules.

In case of a “force majeure”, or of unfortuitous events that cannot be foreseen by any of the parties, in a program including a Championship fight that must be postponed for a period of no more than 48 hours, a new weigh-in will not be necessary.  If the cause for the postponement is any weather phenomenon or any circumstance that can be solved in a period of less than two hours, no decision will be made before that period expires.  Any decision in this respect must be made by the W.F.O. Commissioner, in agreement with the Local Commission.

After first receiving approval of the Local Athletic Commission and assuming that the Champion and Challenger agree, the W.F.O. Commissioner may waive strict compliance with the time parameters established for weigh-ins.


All Champions, with the exception of the Heavyweight Champion, shall defend their Title at least once every nine months unless medically excused therefrom for valid cause and/or at the sole and absolute discretion of the W.F.O.

After initially winning the Title and within a period of time stipulated by the W.F.O., of not less than sixty days, the new Champion may be required to defend his Title in a mandatory defense against any contestant designated by the W.F.O. in the W.F.O.’s sole and absolute discretion as it deems beneficial to the division.  A newly crowned Champion who was the mandatory Challenger or was ranked in the Top 10 as the Challenger is exempt from this obligation.

During each successive TWELVE (12) month period after winning the Title, the Champion at the W.F.O.’s sole and absolute discretion may be required to defend his Title in a mandatory defense against the leading available contender as designated by the W.F.O.  Notice shall be given to all promoters licensed by the W.F.O.

The Champion shall also be required to defend his Title in a mandatory defense against the W.F.O. Intercontinental Champion provided that the Intercontinental Champion has held his Title for at least EIGHTEEN (18) months and has defended it at least three times during that period and one of those defenses having been against a challenger in the Top 25 of the rankings.  The Heavyweight Champion or any Champion who is in the top five of the W.F.O. Rankings shall be excluded from this obligation.

The fact that a Champion signs a contract for a mandatory defense of his Championship, even though that fight is against the approved and designated Contender as stipulated above, it shall not constitute, in any case, compliance with this regulation, unless the mentioned Title defense effectively takes place within the periods stipulated by the World Fighting Organization.  In each instance, and in each division, the Leading Available Contenders shall be defined and determined solely by the W.F.O.

Champions who have been medically or otherwise excused from defending their Title within the proscribed time will subject themselves to a mandatory defense if the W.F.O. sanctions a contest for an “interim” Championship.  The Champion shall defend his Title against the interim Champion in his next defense, which shall take place within SIXTY (60) days of the expiration of his medical or other authorized extension.  The interim Champion shall be classified as the Challenger in this mandatory contest.



Subject to the approval of the World Fighting Organization and within each NINE (9) month period after winning the Title, the World Champion may defend his

1.) against any opponent selected from the list of twenty (25) highest ranked
     contestants in his category of weight or division, or,
2.) against any opponent between numbers 20-35, provided they meet all of the
     following additional criteria:

  1. the challenger must not have lost his last contest.
  2. the challenger must not have lost two of his last four fights by knock out or stoppage.
  3. the challenger must have a positive record in his last six fights (e.g. 4-2, 3-2-1 or better).

3.) against W.F.O. Intercontinental Champions provided the W.F.O.
     Intercontinental Champion has defended his title at least once against a top
     20 opponent, or,
4.) against a champion of another sanctioning body provided however that :

  1. all officials are nominated and/or approved by the W.F.O., and,
  2. the fight shall be conducted under W.F.O. Rules and Regulations governing championship contests, and,
  3. the fight shall be designated as a unification bout.

5.) against W.F.O. Asia/Pacific Champions provided the W.F.O. Asia/Pacific
     Champion has defended his title at least two times, one of which has been      against a top 20 opponent.


Within each NINE (9) month period after winning the Title, the Intercontinental Champion may defend his Title against any opponent selected from the list of the one hundred (20) highest ranked contestants in his category of weight or division, in accordance with the rating list of the W.F.O. or against any national champion.


An Asia/Pacific Champion may defend against any fighter in the Asia/Pacific top 20.


W.F.O. World Champions are not permitted to concurrently hold or engage in a contest for any other Titles unless they are for World Titles in unification bouts approved and sanctioned by the W.F.O.  W.F.O. World Champions are permitted to engage in World Championship contests in a different weight division, but the loss of such contest shall subject the Title to be declared vacant at the sole and absolute discretion of the W.F.O.  National, International or Regional Titles must be vacated upon winning the W.F.O. World Title.

W.F.O. World Champions are not permitted to engage in a fight designated by another sanctioning body as an eliminator for a ranking position, unless W.F.O. World Title sanctioning has been concurrently requested by the official promoter of said fight, which sanctioning request is for both participants, and said fight is thereafter approved and sanctioned by the W.F.O.

Nothing in these regulations shall be construed to prohibit W.F.O. Champions from engaging in a non-title contest with the permission of the W.F.O., provided such contest is not more than FIVE (5) rounds, and such contest is in a higher weight division than the Champion.  A Champion will automatically lose his recognition as such by the W.F.O. and the Title will be declared vacant if he violates this regulation.  Consecutive non-title fights are expressly prohibited without the consent of the W.F.O.

In any losing challenge by the Intercontinental Champion for the World Title or any loss at his Championship weight, the Intercontinental Title shall be declared vacant.

The loss of any non-title fight shall subject the Title to be declared vacant at the sole and absolute discretion of the W.F.O.
Within a period of SIXTY (60) days prior to the date of a mandatory defense imposed by the World Fighting Organization, no World Champion may sign a contract for the defense of his Title, nor may he defend it against any other contestant who is not the designated mandatory contender.  The President or Chairman shall advise in writing a World Champion with SIXTY (60) days prior notice, of his obligation to defend his Title in a mandatory fight.
The Champion and the Challenger should come to an agreement within the first THIRTY (30) days of the SIXTY (60) day period mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

If the Champion and the Challenger cannot reach an agreement, the World Fighting Organization shall determine a date on which it will receive purse offers in auction, this date shall no later than TEN (10) days after the period of THIRTY (30) days referred to in the preceding paragraph.


The World Champion, the Challenger and the Promoter (provided he is the successful bidder) shall pay with respect to all purse offers in auction, and in addition to the sanction fee, a service fee for the auction, which shall be as follows:

U.S. Dollars -    $750.00
U.S. Dollars -    $250.00
U.S. Dollars -     $500.00

The service fee for the auction shall be paid at the time in which the promoter submits his proposal, being subject to deduction from the purse the amounts corresponding to the World Champion and to the Challenger. The service fee corresponding to the Champion of U.S. $750.00 and to the Challenger of U.S. $250.00 will be reimbursed to the proposing promoters in an auction where same is not awarded to them because their proposal is inferior to the winning proposal.  The World Fighting Organization shall retain the service fee of U.S. $500.00 corresponding to the promoter, as service for its participation in said auction, to cover the expenses incurred by the W.F.O. upon calling for an auction for such fight.

The bids shall be submitted to the office instructed by the President of the World Fighting Organization, in two sealed envelopes, as follows:


Envelope No. 1 shall include the following documents:

  1. Certified check or bank draft in the name of the World Fighting Organization or cash money in U.S. Dollars for the amount of $1500.00 to cover the service fee of the Champion, the Challenger and the Promoter.
  2. Receipt (or copy of same) of annual registration fee as Promoter, of World Championship Fights of the World Fighting Organization.
  3. Letter of authorization or Power of Attorney in case the bidder cannot be present and sends a representative in his stead.
  4. The Promoter who does not comply with the above requisites will be automatically disqualified and will not be able to participate in the purse offer.  The World Fighting Organization will return to him all the monies submitted as service fee.  The W.F.O. will also return to him Envelope No. 2, BID OFFER, which shall not be opened.


Envelope No. 2 shall include the following documents:

  1. Include bank draft in the name of the World Fighting Organization, cash or legal tender in U.S. Dollars for the equivalent of TEN (10) PERCENT of the total purse offered, which sum will be net, with no deduction whatsoever.
  2. Indicate the possible places, no more than three (3), where the fight could take place.
  3. Indicate the day the fight will take place, which should be no earlier that FORTY-FIVE (45) days nor later than NINETY (90) days after the successful bid has been determined, unless the interested parties mutually agree to stage the fight before the FORTY-FIVE (45) days minimum.  Should the promoter not comply with such date, without a justified reason, the World Championships Committee may declare the promoter’s right to promote the World Championship contest forfeited and distribute the guarantee deposit as hereinbefore provided.

The procedures for purse offers of World Championship fights shall be provided by the Regional Office to all Promoters.  Only bids submitted by bona fide registered promoters will be accepted by the W.F.O.

Should the promoter who won the bid fail, without a justified reason, to promote the World Title contest, then the money deposited with the W.F.O. will be distributed as follows:

  To the Champion   
To the Challenger 
To the W.F.O.

The purse shall be distributed, once the fight is over, as follows:

  1. Title fights between the Champion and the Mandatory Contender, which take place in the country of origin, residence or nationality of the Champion, the Champion will receive 75% and the Challenger 25% of the purse.
  2. In Title fights that take place in any other country, the Champion shall receive 80% and the Challenger 20% of the purse.
  3. In Title fights for a vacant Title or eliminatory fights for a vacant Title or in fights between Challengers as ordered by the W.F.O., the distribution will be as follows:
    1. If the fight is held in the country of origin, residence or nationality of one of the contenders, such contender shall receive 40% and his opponent 60% of the purse.
    2. If the fight is held in a neutral place or if contestants are of the same origin, residence or nationality, so that one shall not have an advantage over the other, the purse shall be divided in equal shares between the Contenders.

The promoter to whom the promotional rights of a World Championship Contest have been granted as a result of a purse auction may not sell or transfer his rights to a third party, and should he not promote the fight as aforesaid, without a justified reason, he will forfeit his deposit, in which event the W.F.O. will proceed to call for the auction of another purse bid for such Championship contest.

The auction will be carried out by the President or Chairman of the World Fighting Organization or by any other person they may designate, at FOUR (4) o’clock PM (1600 hours) in the time of the country in which the President or Chairman or the person so designated is a resident.  All persons participating in the auction shall be entitled to be present when the bid envelopes are opened.


The W.F.O. discourages direct return fight contracts.  Direct return fight means any fight where a new Champion defends against the Ex-Champion from whom he won the Title before first defending his Title against any of the other ranked contestants in his category.  Should a Championship contest end in a draw decision, or if such contest is extremely close and one contestant is awarded a close controversial decision over the other, the Championships Committee, in its discretion, may however, direct the two contestants to meet again for the Championship within the prescribed time.  Direct return provisions in contracts wherein the Challenger is the mandatory Challenger are expressly prohibited.


If a recognized World Champion shall fail, without reasons sufficient and satisfactory to the W.F.O., to fulfill on schedule his contractual obligation to engage in a World Championship contest, the World Championships Committee shall recommend to the President and to the Chairman that recognition of his Title be withdrawn and the Title be declared vacant, provided, however, that if a Champion is justifiably disabled and such disability has been proven to and accepted by the World Championships Committee after the period of time stipulated in Rule 6 has expired, he shall be granted an additional period of grace of not more than 180 days which will be valid for all categories.  The time limit must be put to vote and approved by the World Championships Committee.  If the Champion’s disability extends beyond the maximum time period, the Title will be declared vacant and a qualifying fight will be staged for the Title in accordance with and as designated by the World Championships Committee.  In such an event, the Champion losing the Title due to disability shall be the mandatory Challenger for a period to be determined by the Championships Committee.


A World Championship can be lost due to non-fulfillment of contract; for inability to fight or to make the required weight; or, for any other reason established in the Regulations that govern World Championships.

In the event that a World Championship Title becomes vacant, the two (2) leading available contenders as defined by the W.F.O. in their sole and absolute discretion shall fight for the Title and for this purpose they shall be given a period of no more than thirty (30) days to negotiate the best possible contract with a duly qualified Promoter.  If the parties cannot come to an agreement in that period of time, the Chairman of the World Championships Committee will request purse offers for such contest in accordance with the procedure established in Article 6 of this Regulation.


The Local Commission shall verify before the contest that: Rings and/or Cages used in World Championship contests shall be no less than eighteen (18) feet (5,486m) nor more than twenty-four (24) feet (7,315m) by side within the ropes/fence.

The W.F.O. shall maintain for the purposes of appointments, a list of officials (Judges and Referees) licensed to act in World Championship contests.  The W.F.O. shall nominate without partiality, and according to availability, officials for World Championship contests.  All W.F.O. nominations are subject to approval by the Local Commission who shall be the final designator of officials.  All officials are independent contractors, not employed by the W.F.O.  Specific officials may be requested or appointed by the Local Commission, in which case they will be approved providing they have Championship experience, are licensed by the Local Commission and do not affect the neutrality and impartiality required of a Championship contest.

The officials shall be paid for their time and cooperation in conducting any World Championship contest a fee by the promoter in accordance with the current fee schedule.

No official may request any other payment save as therein provided under penalty of suspension or cancellation of his license.  It is the responsibility of the Commission or authority under whose jurisdiction the contest takes place that the official be paid as delineated above.  Any official not approved by the W.F.O. and the Local Commission will not be authorized to act in a World Championship contest.


The officials appointed by the W.F.O. must be present two (2) days in advance of the date in which the Championship fight will take place, in the site of the event.  The promoter must send air tickets in tourist class to the officials and a business-class ticket to the W.F.O. Commissioner.  The promoter must also make the corresponding room and boarding arrangements of these officials, on his account.


The Referee shall be the chief official in every Championship contest and he shall maintain supervision and control over the contest while it is in progress.


Each contestant in a Championship contest shall be allowed no more than three (3) seconds, one of whom shall be the Chief Second, who shall be responsible for the conduct of the corner during the course of the contest.


The use of prohibited drugs or other stimulants before, or during a Championship contest, by either contestant, may be sufficient cause for disqualification of the contestant guilty of such usage.  Any substance other than plain water given to a contestant during the course of the contest is absolutely prohibited.  The discretional use of Vaseline may be allowed around the eyes, however, the use of Vaseline grease or any other substance on the arms, legs and body is prohibited in Championship contests.

The discretional use of coagulants may be allowed may be allowed between rounds to stop the bleeding of minor cuts and lacerations sustained by a contestant.  The use of “iron type” coagulants shall be cause for immediate disqualification.

The World Fighting Organization and/or the Local Athletic Commission shall order antidoping exams before or after the contest.  The specimen will be collected in a sterile container and divided into two equal parts, also in sterile containers.  The specimen shall be clearly labeled with the name of the contestant, sealed in the presence of Commission witnesses and signed by them.  The date, time and place where the specimen was taken shall be clearly indicated.  The second specimen shall be used in case of doubts, in case of spilling or in case of argument in regards to the results of the first specimen.  Whenever it is necessary to study the second specimen, the contestant or his representative may observe in detail the opening and analysis of the specimen.  They can be accompanied by a qualified adviser chosen by them.  Once they first specimen has been examined to the satisfaction of all parties involved, the second specimen can be eliminated.  The contestants shall indicate at the moment they give the urine specimen, if for any reason, they have been using medicines, and shall present clear evidence that they are using the medicines for therapeutic purposes, by means of a medical certificate.  The approval of these medicines shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of the Local Commission’s doctor provided same are not contained on the W.F.O. list of prohibited drugs.


In any fight sanctioned by the World Fighting Organization a contestant must provide an acceptable “Negative H.I.V. test” dated within THIRTY (30) days of the fight.  The test must be performed by a physician, hospital or clinic recognized by the Local Commission.

If the law governing the situs of the fight requires an H.I.V. test less than THIRTY (30) days prior to the fight or required testing be conducted a the situs, this shall supersede the requirement of the preceding paragraph.

No H.I.V. testing shall be performed on any contestant without his consent.

Any contestant who tests positive for H.I.V. will not be permitted to engage in fights sanctioned by the World Fighting Organization.


In all weight classes up to and including Super Middleweight, hand bandages shall be restricted to ten (10) yards of soft gauze bandage not more than two (2) inches in width held in place by not more than six (6) feet of surgeons tape one (1) inch in width for each hand.  In the Light Heavyweight, Cruiserweight and Heavyweight classes, bandages may be twelve (12) yards in length and not more than two (2) inches in width held in place by not more than eight (8) feet of surgeons tape one (1) inch in width for each hand.  The binding of surgeons tape must not be applied within one (1) inch of the knuckles of the contestant’s hand.


The weight of gloves to be used in Championship Contests shall be as follows:

Contestants may only use commission and W.F.O. approved 4-6 oz gloves. The gloves must be designed to protect the hand but must not be large enough to improve the striking surface.

M.M.A. and kickboxing trunks are the only uniforms permitted. Shirts, gis and shoes are not permitted.


The World Championships Regulations may be amended at any time in relation to any matter by way of an exception or special case, provided such amendment is approved by a majority vote of the World Championships Committee.  Any promoter, contestant or manager requesting an exception to these regulations must indemnify the W.F.O. against any losses or damages including but not limited to all costs and attorneys fees arising out of any litigation occasioned by the granting of a special exception.  The indemnification must be in writing and in form and content acceptable to the W.F.O. before any exception is granted.  The granting of a special exception under this Rule 19 shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of the W.F.O.

The President or Chairman of the W.F.O. shall attend, or assign a Commissioner of the W.F.O. to attend, each World Championship contest sanctioned by the W.F.O.

The duties of such Commissioner shall be to represent the W.F.O.  The W.F.O. role in all such contests is expressly limited to:

  1. sanctioning the contest as a W.F.O. Championship contest.
  2. stipulating that the contest be fought between opponents eligible to do so in accordance with the W.F.O. Ratings and Championship Rules.
  3. nominating officials to be approved by the Local Commission.
  4. presenting a W.F.O. Championship Title Belt to the winner of the contest.

In making such assignment of the Commissioner, the President shall consider the qualifications of such assignee with regard to knowledge and experience in World Championship matters of the W.F.O.  The World Fighting Organization representative shall submit a complete report within TEN (10) following the contest to the President and Chairman, which shall cover the expenses of, and other matters pertinent to the assignment.


Whenever there is a complaint or report about the conduct, procedure or disposition of any officials assigned to a World Championship fight, or against the W.F.O. Commissioner or any other member of the W.F.O., it should be referred to the President of the World Fighting Organization, and he shall send a copy to the person or persons involved, taking into consideration the place they live, in order to give them enough time to explain their reasons or point of view and to send any evidence they consider appropriate for defense.  After a reasonable period of time, if the President deems the complaint(s) valid, he shall send the documentation to the Grievances and Appeals Committee, which will have the power to make a final decision within the time frame set by the President.  The Grievances and Appeals Committee shall ask for the testimony of witnesses and shall make as many investigations as it deems necessary.  This decision may be confirmed at the earliest meeting of the Executive Committee.


Upon succeeding to a W.F.O. World Title in accordance with these rules and regulations, the World Champion shall vacate all other Titles other than World Titles retained in approved unification contests.  In a World Championship contest, promoters, managers, and contestants are forbidden, whether directly or indirectly, to promote or be party to any differences between the contenders based on religion, political creed, race, nationality or any other differences other than the natural ability of the contenders.  The W.F.O. reserves the right to withdraw its sanction of such World Championship contest and to withdraw its recognition of the World Championship Title of the holder and the status of the Challenger and of the World Championship license of the promoter.  Furthermore, the W.F.O. may suspend or withdraw its recognition of the managers of the participants


  • Non-Title bouts shall be three (3) rounds
  • Regional Title bouts shall be three (3) rounds
  • World Title bouts shall be five (5) rounds
  • Rounds will be five (5) minutes in duration
  • A one (1) minute rest will occur between each round


  1. Butting with the head
  2. Eye gouging of any kind
  3. Biting
  4. Hair pulling
  5. Fish hooking
  6. Groin attacks of any kind
  7. Putting a finger into any orifice or into any cut or laceration on an opponent
  8. Small joint manipulation
  9. Striking to the spine or the back of the head
  10. Striking downward using the point of the elbow
  11. Throat strikes of any kind, including, without limitation, grabbing the trachea
  12. Clawing, pinching or twisting the flesh
  13. Grabbing the clavicle
  14. Kicking the head of a grounded opponent
  15. Kneeing the head of a grounded opponent
  16. Stomping a grounded opponent
  17. Kicking to the kidney with the heel
  18. Spiking an opponent to the canvas on his head or neck
  19. Throwing an opponent out of the ring or fenced area
  20. Holding the shorts or gloves of an opponent
  21. Spitting at an opponent
  22. Engaging in an unsportsmanlike conduct that causes an injury to an opponent
  23. Holding the ropes or the fence
  24. Using abusive language in the ring or fenced area
  25. Attacking an opponent on or during the break
  26. Attacking an opponent who is under the care of the referee
  27. Attacking an opponent after the bell has sounded the end of the period of unarmed combat
  28. Flagrantly disregarding the instructions of the referee
  29. Timidity, including, without limitation, avoiding contact with an opponent, intentionally or consistently dropping the mouthpiece or faking an injury
  30. Interference by the corner
  31. Throwing in the towel during competition


  1. Submission by:
    • Physical tap out
    • Verbal tap out
  1. Technical knockout by the referee stopping the contest
  2. Decision via the scorecards, including:
    • Unanimous decision
    • Split decision
    • Majority decision
    • Draw, including:
      • Unanimous draw
      • Majority draw
      • Split draw
  1. Technical decision
  2. Technical draw
  3. Disqualification
  4. Forfeit
  5. No contest

Referee may restart the round:
If the fighters reach a stalemate and do not work to improve position or finish.